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The Skilled Trades

A career in the skilled trades offers high earnings, growth, job security, and the opportunity to lead a team or a company.



The Carpenter will construct, repair, and install building frameworks made of wood or other materials. 

Median Wage: $59,000


What you’ll do: 

  • Carpenters work both indoors and outdoors performing hands-on work related to the project from form building of structures such as concrete forms, scaffold building and installation of flooring according to building codes. 

  • Measure, fabricate, install, cut and join materials made of wood.  

  • Perform fitting and installation of trim, doors, stairs, molding, and all hardware. 

  • Develop and expertise of tools, materials, and processes to achieve results. 

  • Read and interpret schematic diagrams, blueprints, and other specifications.


Training Opportunities:

HVAC Technicians

HVAC technicians

The HVAC technician will be responsible for installing, repairing , and maintaining heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Many HVAC technicians apply carpentry and electrical skills in their craft.   

Median Wage: $53,000


What you’ll do: 

  • Diagnose, fix, and repair malfunctions in various types of heating and air conditioning systems, including chillers, boilers, large split systems, and rooftop equipment. 

  • Install wiring and connect motors, and electrical components according to schematics. 

  • Provide on-site maintenance inspection of equipment, and materials including a preventative maintenance schedule of all HVAC equipment.  

  • Respond to emergency services calls. 

  • Communicate with customers to provide recommendations. 


Training Opportunities:



The Plumber is responsible for installation, maintenance, and repair of the piping system. This could include water mains, pipes, and hydrants.  

Median Wage: $77,000


What you’ll do: 

  • Install, repair or replace either residential or commercial plumbing fixtures. 

  • Locate and repair underground or surface leaks on pipes or water mains.  

  • Load and unload truck supplies and equipment.  

  • Cut openings in walls and floors to accommodate pipes and fittings. 

  • Read and interpret schematic diagrams, blueprints, and other specifications.  

  • Maintain a clean workshop and hazard free area.  


Training Opportunities:



The Electrician prepares, assembles, and installs electrical wiring, fixture control devices and any related equipment in all types of buildings and structures.  

Median Wage: $65,000


What you’ll do: 

  • Assemble, test, install and maintain fixtures, equipment, and appliances.  

  • Test equipment and electrical systems, including switches and circuit breakers. 

  • Conduct preventative maintenance programs.  

  • Read and interpret schematic diagrams, blueprints, and other specifications.  

  • Perform manual tasks, including digging ditches, heavy lifting and working in all elements of weather.  


Training Opportunities:

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